April Child Violence Prevention Month

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Why set up an ERG? Because my colleagues’ beliefs matter to me (SAP, PayPal, Dell) on Vimeo

Advertisements Members of PayPal’s, Dell’s & SAP’s interfaith ERGs discuss the whys and hows of setting up faith-oriented employee resource groups (ERGs). This… — Read on vimeo.com/507279146

Cyrus Cylinder in History

Advertisements The Cyrus Cylinder (539 B.C.)There was a year 539 BC when Cyrus The Great celebrated his victory in the conquest of Babylon, and the fall of the Neo-Babilonian empire. That day Cyrus The Great extended his dominion as the first King of the Ancient Empire of Persia. If his victory was important that year,… Continue reading Cyrus Cylinder in History

USCIRF Condemns the Chinese Government’s Sanctions

Advertisements Following is excepted the communication from the United States Cmmission on Imternational Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released on March 29, 2021 USCIRF Condemns the Chinese Government’s Sanctions on USCIRF Commissioners Washington, DC – The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) strongly condemns the Chinese government’s sanctions on USCIRF Chair Gayle Manchin and Vice… Continue reading USCIRF Condemns the Chinese Government’s Sanctions

Felons Rights or not Rights to Vote

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The Exercise of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech in the Internet

Advertisements The complexity of the latest unilateral actions from social media platforms whereas individuals could be censored, temporarily restricted, or finally banned from the social media activities is bringing also the discussion on whether or not those actions are violating the individual freedom of speech and how far the individual is allowed to exercise their… Continue reading The Exercise of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech in the Internet

Why Religious Freedom is Important?

Advertisements Why Religious Freedom is so Important?When we hear people talking about “religious freedom” we can make an image of a people in a church singing and preaching. But religious freedom is more than a bunch of people gathering inside a four walls named a church, synagogue, mesquite, cathedral, or any other religion related building.How… Continue reading Why Religious Freedom is Important?