Disonancia Cognitiva

Advertisements Disonancia cognitiva es un término usado por Leon Festinger (1957) para identificar los conflictos que el individuo experimenta al tratar de asimilar lo que creemos sobre los valores y pensamientos vs la conducta. Para ello hizo un experimento social con tres grupos de individuos, a los que puso a ver una película aburridisima. Al… Continue reading Disonancia Cognitiva



Merry Christmas

Advertisements vimeo.com/659579283/4e6468be2c Merry Christmas

Anniversary of UDHR

Advertisements Happy Universal Declaration of Human Rights Anniversary!

Religious Freedom vs Communist Totalitarian Regime

Advertisements “Evangelism for me doesn’t live just within the four walls of the church. Our faith doesn’t just free us from the eternal consequences of sin. It also makes us free here on earth, and that brings us into conflict with a totalitarian regime that restricts our freedoms.” Pastor Mario Felix Lleonart, founder of a… Continue reading Religious Freedom vs Communist Totalitarian Regime

73th Anniversary of UDHR Day 6

Advertisements 73th Anniversary of UDHR day #5 Do you know that the Human Rights has been defended since the beginning of history in the world?Here you can access the history to the first known scripture about Human Rights in world history. The Cyrus Cylinder https://criminaljusticeissues.com/2021/04/14/cyrus-cylinder-in-history/

73th Anniversary UDHR #5

Advertisements Criminal Justice System and Human Rights Violations We have been stated before about the importance of human rights, their implications, and how we must have a deeper understanding about this natural protection of the personal integrity in order to fulfill the common wellbeing within a civilized society. Sadly we have learned from history how… Continue reading 73th Anniversary UDHR #5

73th Anniversary UDHR #3

Advertisements Although it’s not regularly reported by the MSM, the #Religiouspersecution in Cuba still a concerning issue to the international community, especially to the #HumanRights organizations. https://www.uscirf.gov/news-room/releases-statements/uscirf-welcomes-release-pastor-ramon-rigal-calls-release-roberto

73th Anniversary UDHR #2

Advertisements 73th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human RightsAdopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of December 10, 1948. On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Thousands of people has died as a result of the atrocities suffered during the… Continue reading 73th Anniversary UDHR #2

73th Anniversary UDHR #1

Advertisements Report 2020 of the US Congressional Institute of Religious Freedom about their findings in Cuba. Christian Support Worldwide (CSW) in their annual report concluded the government “violated freedom of religion or belief routinely and systematically” through arbitrary detentions, false charges, threats, and harassment of religious leaders and religious freedom defenders. The report also noted… Continue reading 73th Anniversary UDHR #1